DEVOTIONAL: Don’t Say “Goodbye”, But “See You Later”

Matthew 16:21

From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto His Disciples, how that He must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

Luke 22: 19 And He took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is My Body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of Me. 20 Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the New Testament in My Blood, which is shed for you.

I don’t think there is an “easy” way to lose someone you love. Watching them die slowly from an illness is tough, but so it is also when something happens quickly and unexpected.

On one hand, there is time to “prepare” and say goodbyes, but then witnessing the suffering carries its own burdens.

On the other side, a sudden death can come as such a shock, it may take a long while just for the numbness and disbelief to wear off and reality to take hold.

Jesus tried to prepare His Disciples as much as possible for what was going to happen to Him. There was no way their human hearts could understand the horrible miscarriages of justice, the gruesome reality of what happened. As their poor heads must have buzzed with confusion, we have the luxury and great exciting news about what tomorrow brings, don’t we!

**Putting myself there, in the midst of the entire situation mentally and emotionally, this is something I penned a few years ago.


I was out there for so long and really just wanted to go home. The past few days of hideous injustice grieved me deeply.

Darkness fell, and the craziness just kept getting worse. The crowd that was so engaged and united was now fearful. I wasn’t sure which was worse, their hostility or horror. The wheel spun rapidly from fury to fright.

Temporarily blinded, my other senses took control. I could hear the screams and pleadings. I tasted the bitter dirt stirred up from the ground blended with toxic anguish in the air. People ran and pushed past me, seeking shelter and safety.

Ironically, those who just a short time ago, banded together with sadistic demands, were now causing harm to one another in attempt to save themselves from the unknown. Then again, they were the same temperamental bunch who celebrated last week, the very One they recently insisted to condemn.

Emotionally I was overwhelmed. I felt lonely, abandoned, sad, confused and fearful. I still didn’t know what was going to happen to my friends or to me for that matter.

I wasn’t sure where anyone was. It was impossible, even with clear vision, to focus on a familiar face in the crowd among the mass hysteria.

For all I knew, we were all candidates for death. Perhaps my friends and I would be accused of “guilt by association”, because clearly innocence was relative and popularity folded to pressure. Punishment was being executed unjustly on those who were undeserving, meanwhile wickedness was released. Madness and chaos prevailed.

My mind and heart desperately tried to find solace in what I was told and the incredible events I and others witnessed. No one, not myself, not anyone, individually or corporately was willing to step up and testify to even one of those, though, lest we find ourselves facing horrific consequences.

Meanwhile, reason and reality conflicted and war raged within my spirit. How in the world would those things come to pass about which we were told?

Our group was so small. Now what would become of us? Would we split, forsaking what we knew, or at least what we thought we knew? Would we unite and continue with the charge we’d been given? It seemed a betrayer had already infiltrated our group. How and why he was selected to join still perplexes me. Were there others like him? How could we continue if we were suspicious of one another? Would we turn against each other in attempt to save ourselves from peril?

Implosion is what the outside world was waiting to see, I’m sure. Deterioration and weakness was anticipated by those who did not understand.

See,I found myself at the crossroads. Was the time we spent learning all for nothing? Some of us left family and friends behind to invest in something that seemed, I don’t know, futile? But then my thoughts keep spinning back to our last night together. The verbage was odd, but eerily consistent with current events. My heart knew it wasn’t all for nothing, but painstakingly tried to convince my mind.

Gradually light spread back over the horizon. The sight was every bit as gory as before this part of the world was draped in darkness. As the dust settled and I regained my bearings, I looked up at the nightmare which unfolded before me. Tears I thought I had exhausted filled my eyes once more. With a throbbing head and broken heart, my stomach expelled its contents.

Understandably in shock, our small group reunited and discussed our predicament. One thing was certain through it all, Truth does not disappoint. Let’s just say our spirits desperately needed consolation, and Comfort came! Did it ever!

The wicked, boastful secret of the enemy is a lie. I saw the failure of Hell in my Savior’s eyes.

I was there at the foot of the cross and I was there celebrating when He rose.

The veil was torn, the price was paid! Freedom and forgiveness are ours! We are cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb who was slain.

Jesus was not captured and He was not defeated. He surrendered, not to death, but to the Will of His Father. He was not a victim but reigns victorious. After all, the grave is empty, isn’t it!


Merciful and Loving God

Father and Gracious Lord

Thank You for the Sacrifice made

To spare our lives from Hell

Our Redeemer Who came to save us

Who now is preparing a place for those who believe

And put their trust in Jesus Christ Alone

All praise to You

Glorious King

Thank You for our blessings

And the Greatest of them all

That of the empty grave!

Hallelujah! Jesus lives

Because He does

We do also!

In the Name above all names we pray,

Jesus the Christ

Master and Precious Lamb of God



“Because He Lives”

“Rise Again”

“Watch The Lamb”

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